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Walt Disney World Park Hopper Option

At Walt Disney World, when you purchase your park passes, all of the passes sold are “basic” park passes. Basic park passes give you access to one of the four Disney theme parks each day, but only one park per day. You can exit and re-enter that one park as many times as you like, but you are limited to just that one park. If you have a multi-day pass, then it all starts over the next morning, you pick one of the four parks and that is your park for the day.

Want a bit more flexibility? Walt Disney World sells the “park hopper” option as an add-on to your tickets. Park hopping allows you access to all four Disney theme parks each day of your ticket. You can visit one park or all four, totally up to you, there is no limit. The park hopper option runs about $69 per person, regardless of the length of your ticket.

Who should purchase the Park Hopper?

  • Frequent visiting guests who know exactly what they want to see in each park.
  • Guests staying for longer stays, as it gives them some flexibility during their days to move around
  • Guests staying for very short stays who want to try to see everything
  • Guests who like ultimate flexibility

If you are trying to save money, or are at Disney only for 3 – 4 days and want to plan one park per day, then the park hopper may not be for you. Some people also like the simplicity of just one park per day, it works for them.

Personally, I do the park hopper every trip. My family tries to be at the parks first thing, right at opening. We stay until sometime after lunch, depending on the crowds and weather. We then head back to the hotel to swim or nap for a bit. We then usually end our day in Epcot or Magic Kingdom for dinner, fireworks and a few rides. I like the flexibility it gives my family, I feel like we are able to see and do more with the hopper.

Do you purchase the park hopper option at Disney World?