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It was all Started by a Mouse

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. – Walt Disney

Whether you are a Disney fan or not, surely you have heard this quote by Walt Disney. Now technically, it was all started by a rabbit (Oswald), which Walt lost in a contract dispute. This loss then forced the creation of a new character, Mickey Mouse. Imagine a world with no Mickey Mouse!

During Walt’s lifetime, he went from drawing advertisements to cartoon shorts to full length movies to opening Disneyland and even starting the ambitious Walt Disney World. That is an embarrassingly short summation of all that Walt accomplished. Today, the Walt Disney Company is worth roughly 163 BILLION dollars! I am sure if Walt were still alive, he would wonder at what his small animation company had become.

Walt started with a mouse, a simple drawing. Walt didn’t wait around for someone to hand him greatness. He had faith in his vision, worked incredibly hard and took some crazy chances. He even had some major disappointments along the way that didn’t slow him down.

I hope we can all learn from Walt’s lessons, and while it is extremely likely we may never have the success of Walt Disney, let’s hope we can have half the fun he did during his life.