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3 Do Not Miss Things in the Magic Kingdom

When you visit the Magic Kingdom, everyone knows the things you must do. All of the important rides, parades, fireworks and shows are listed on the schedule and park maps, and are pretty easy to find. It’s not like you are going to visit the Magic Kingdom and forget to ride Space Mountain. However, there are 3 things located in the Magic Kingdom that you should definitely be aware of, and should not miss.

3 Do Not Miss Things in the Magic Kingdom

  1. Harmony Barbershop – Did you know the Magic Kingdom has a barber shop? They do! Located in Town Square at the start of Main Street, the Harmony Barbershop is a real, old-fashioned barbershop, and part time home to the local barbershop quartet, the Dapper Dans. Get it? Barbershop + Dapper Dans = Harmony! The Harmony Barbershop will cut anyones hair, from little kids to adults, boy and girls, men and women. The Harmony Barbershop is most known for “my first haircut”, and it is a tradition among many Disney families to have all of their kid’s hair cut there for the very first time. Some families I know have been doing this for generations! The My First Haircut package runs $25, and includes special Mickey Ears as part of the package. Regular haircuts are available too, $19 for adults and $18 for kids (prices subject to change of course). BTW, reservations are highly encouraged, though if you don’t have one, they will put you on the list and you can come back.
  2. Kiss Goodnight  – About 30 – 40 minutes after the closing time of the Magic Kingdom, a mini-show happens on and around Cinderella’s Castle. The castle starts to sparkle and then transforms into several different lighting overlays, it is just beautiful. An announcer then thanks everyone for coming to the Magic Kingdom and quotes a Walt Disney line about the reason the Magic Kingdom exists:

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, on behalf of everyone here at the Magic Kingdom, we thank you for joining us today for a magic gathering of family, friends, fun, and fantasy. We hope your magical journey with us has created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Walt Disney said that the Magic Kingdom is a world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, magic and make believe are reborn, and fairy tales come true. The Magic Kingdom is a place for the young and the young at heart. A special place where when you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. Until we see you again, have a safe trip home. Thank you, and goodnight.

    For many, the Kiss Goodnight is the only way they will end their day in the Magic Kingdom. Personally, there isn’t anything I like more than the parks at night, and especially after they have emptied out. It is a great way to end your day.

  3. Electrical Water Pageant – OK, while technically not in the Magic Kingdom, you can see it from parts of the Magic Kingdom as well as from just outside. The Electrical Water Pageant first set sail in 1971 around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon, and is basically unchanged to this day. It has been sailing nightly for 45+ years. For our family, we do not miss it on any of our trips. It reminds us of our first trip 25+ years ago. The water pageant can be seen from the Magic Kingdom or any resort that sits on Bay Lake or Seven Seas Lagoon as it passes by all of them nightly.

Of course, there are many, many things in the Magic Kingdom you MUST do on each trip, but one of these days, take it slow and enjoy all of the little things in the parks. It will help you appreciate the Magic Kingdom even more

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