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obsessed with Disney

50 Signs you are Obsessed with Disney

Sure, you like Disney and all, and all your friends contact you every time they plan a Disney vacation for tips and tricks, but are you obsessed with Disney?

Signs you are obsessed with Disney

  1. You always dress as a Disney character for Halloween, and usually have your costume picked out months in advance.
  2. You have a Disney themed phone case.
  3. You get personally offended when anyone compliments a theme park other than Disney.
  4. Your profile picture is you with a Disney character
  5. You have a Disney tattoo (or two, or three)
  6. You have a Dole Whip scented air freshener in your car
  7. You have a Disney character as a spirit animal
  8. You once had a friend that went to Disney and didn’t get a Dole Whip. They aren’t your friend anymore.
  9. Your only bucket list item is visiting every single Disney theme park
  10. You own a Disney coffee mug (or two, or three)
  11. When you go to karaoke, it is a Disney song or bust
  12. Every single one of your favorite foods can only be found at Disney
  13. Your pet is named after a Disney character
  14. You have more Disney themed clothes than regular clothes
  15. You still own all of your Disney VHS tapes
  16. You know all the lyrics to both Pirates of the Caribbean and “it’s a small world”
  17. Your ringtone is a Disney song
  18. You see Hidden Mickeys on a daily basis, regardless of where you are
  19. You own a Disney antenna topper
  20. Your license plate cover is from Disneyland
  21. You have a Disney themed room in your house (or two, or three)
  22. You wouldn’t date someone if they didn’t love Disney as much as you
  23. You haven’t actually use a Disney map in a long time, but insist on bringing home copies after each trip
  24. You own Mouse Ears (or two, or three)
  25. You have a Disney countdown calendar for your next Disney trip
  26. Your retirement involves working for Disney
  27. You have a Disney sticker on your car (or two, or three)
  28. You have mailed yourself a postcard from Castaway Cay or one of the Disney parks
  29. You think anything Mickey shaped tastes better
  30. You learned Spanish by riding the monorail
  31. You can tell the difference between Chip and Dale
  32. You own Disney themed pajamas
  33. You check your Disney app for wait times, even when you are just sitting at work
  34. You insist on calling all the Walt Disney World resorts and theme parks by their original names (Hello Dixie Landings!)
  35. You know where all the ride cameras are located
  36. It doesn’t matter where you are in the Magic Kingdom, you will only use the Tangled bathrooms in Fantasyland
  37. You have planned a new Disney trip while on a Disney trip
  38. You have a collection of unused FastPasses
  39. You have called one of your kids by the name of a Disney character
  40. All of your family photos are from Disney vacations
  41. You have been on all four Disney cruise ships
  42. You know how to correctly pronounce Castaway Cay
  43. You have considered moving to Orlando, more than once
  44. You have a Disney cookbook (or two, or three)
  45. At work, people just know you as the “Disney Lady”
  46. You have a Disney themed email address
  47. You are annoyed at non-Disney hold music
  48. You always wonder “what would I be doing if I was at Disney right now?”
  49. People have quit asking you were you are going on vacation
  50. You change the theme of your Disney VISA card every few months

So, how obsessed are you?


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