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RIP Disney Dollars

RIP Disney Dollars

Face it, you are just like everyone else, and can admit to the following 2 things about Disney Dollars:

  1. You have a few at home, either sitting in a drawer or a scrap book
  2. You thought they had been stopped long, long ago

Disney Dollars

Disneyland introduced Disney Dollars in early 1987, while Walt Disney World introduced them later that year, Eventually, they could be used at Disneyland, Disney World, on a Disney Cruise at at all Disney Stores, plus probably a few more places. Face it, the idea was brilliant. You gave Disney a real dollar in exchange for a fake dollar that was only good at Disney. Many people purchased them for souvenirs or gifts, and many of those purchased pieces of paper never made their way back to Disney.

Recently, Disney has not advertised that Disney Dollars still existed, as they came up with a better replacement, Disney gift cards. Just as with Disney paper money, Disney Gift Cards are only good at Disney, and many of those gift cards or lost or never returned. You can even buy themed Disney gift cards throughout the year at such events as the Ecpot Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot Food and Wine Festival and other events. Even Aulani and the Disney Cruise have their very own cards.

Think about the physical Disney Dollars for a minute, there must be a significant cost to print new Disney Dollars, as they must contain many security features as to not be counterfeited. Disney Gift Cards on the other hand are much more secure, can be sold at thousands of places outside of Disney, and are much easier to spend, have you ever tried to pay for something online with a Disney Dollar? Disney abandoned Disney Dollars years ago, and I am sure they have just been selling remaining stock. The $1 Disney Dollar has not been updated since 2005!

Disney Dollars exist, and you can still buy them. To clarify, Disney Dollars are available today, but will no longer exist as of Saturday, May 14, 2016. If you want to grab some Disney Dollars as souvenirs, get yourself to a Disney park ASAP, you only have a few days. You can also order them by calling Disney at (407) 566-4985.  While I will be sad to see Disney Dollars go, everyone pretty much thought they were gone long ago.

Will you miss Disney Dollars?

Disney Fashionista Finds

Disney Fashionista Finds – March 31, 2015

Disney is great at merchandising, and they have improved greatly from the days when it was hard to find much more than a Mickey t-shirt for sale in the parks. Not only have in park items improved, but Disney has also opened small, boutique stores that feature unique Disney inspired fashion , which are usually a step up from the theme park attire. These stores such as Vault 28 and D Street in Disneyland and Tren-D at Walt Disney World sell unique Disney items you really can’t buy anywhere else.

But of course, Disney can’t provide everything that a Disney fashionista needs. The good news is that there are other Disney fans out there that are also Disney fashion conscious that have come up with some amazing Disney themed items that you can buy directly from home. Check out a few options that I found this week:

Emporium on Main

disney princess bows
Anna and Ariel Disney Princess Ribbon Hair Bows

Do you have a little princess, or possible a big inner princess, that needs to express her Disney self on a daily basis? Emporium on Main have awesome hair bows, hair bands, magnets and really unique ribbon sculpture hair bows. You can wear any of these on a daily basis, or into the parks. There is a huge variety of bows, you could wear one a day for a good 6 months and never repeat. Check them out, you will love them.

Disney hair bows

FairyTale Midnight

Disney Shoes

Do you love Disney AND shoes? Check out Fairytale Midnight, they produce Disney themed shoes. Take a little Snow White with you to work, or maybe some Minnie Mouse to your wedding. FairtyTale Midnight has some awesome shoes. WARNING: These may not be the best shoes to wear around the Disney theme parks, but they would be awesome just about anywhere else.

Shoes are My Canvas

Disney Vans

Looking for some Disney shoes a little bit less formal than what FairyTale Midnight offers? Check out Shoes are my Canvas for hand painted, Disney themed Vans. There are a ton of Dinsey options, and I am sure you can even request some other Disney themes if you don’t see them available on their site.

Well, there you go. I hope to add to this Disney Fashionista series every few weeks, when I find awesome stores selling awesome Disney stuff. Feel free to let me know of any places you love.