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3 Reasons to stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Who really needs a reason to stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village resort? It is a deluxe resort after all, on the Magic Kingdom monorail and is one of the nicest places to stay on Disney property. But, it can be pretty expensive, and if you are going to splash the cash, you need some decent reasons to justify spending all those Disney dollars. While there are more than three reasons why you should stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, there are three big reasons you should consider this your Disney home.

3 Reasons to stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney's Polynesian Village

  1. Polynesian Vibe – All throughout the resort, from the lobby in the Great Ceremonial House to the tiki torches that light the walkways at night all the way to the individual guest rooms, the entire resort is full of that relaxing Polynesian feeling you get on the islands. There isn’t anything quite like it at Disney. You really feel you are on a Hawaiian vacation while at the resort. Personally, I want my resort to be opposite of the theme parks. In the parks you are overstimulated with sights, sounds and motion, and at the resort, I want it to be as restful and relaxing as possible, and the Polynesian Village Resort fits this perfectly.
  2. Polynesian Village Beach – While you won’t have access to the water, the beach is still available and fantastic. While I am not sure I would spend much time on the beach normally, at night it becomes the place you want to be. You have a perfect view of the Magic Kingdom over the Seven Seas Lagoon, and therefor a perfect view of the nightly fireworks. No need to bother with the crowds, just find yourself a hammock and relax. Plus, they even pipe in the music for the fireworks show right there onto the beach! Oh, and stick around for a bit after the fireworks (or possibly before, depending on the night) for the nightly Electrical Water Pageant that will float by around 9:00 every single night. While the effectiveness of the beach for viewing fireworks and the water parade have been reduced by the new Bora Bora Bungalows that have been built out into the water, there still are some viewing areas that are pretty decent.
  3. Lava Pool – Several years ago, Walt Disney World massively upgraded the main swimming pool at the Polynesian and themed it as a giant volcano. Well, the upgrade wasn’t enough, and the pool has been completely overhauled in the last year into what is now one of the best pools outside of Stormalong Bay at the Beach and Yacht Club resorts. The Lava Pool features a fantastic slide located inside the volcano, wonderful spas as well as a perfect view of Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom. Where else can you swim and have such a view? Oh, and don’t miss the Barefoot Bar where you can get your favorite Polynesian inspired drinks to help you relax just that much more.

Well, there you go, three fantastic reasons you should stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Want a few more? Here you go:

  • Dole Whips at your resort, without the line you find in the Magic Kingdom. Stop by the Pineapple Lanai in the lobby and grab yourself a Dole Whip or Pineapple Float and head out to the Lava Pool. While not quite as good as enjoying it in the Tiki Room, not a bad option at all.
  • Monorail – The Magic Kingdom monorail stops right at the Polynesian, allowing you quick access to both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Plus, there isn’t anything quite as special for kids (and adults) as riding the monorail.
  • Restaurants! – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort features two of the best resort restaurants in Walt Disney World, ‘Ohana and Kona Cafe. While nither fall under the “signature” restaurant label, both are fantastic and extremely popular. ‘Ohana features an all you can eat menu where the food is delivered to your table, and also features your favorite Polynesian Disney characters at breakfast (Lilo and Stich of course. Mickey and Pluto show up as well in their vacation attire). Kona Cafe is more of a standard restaurant, famous for Tonga Toast for breakfast. TONGA TOAST!!!

I am sure I could come up with plenty more. Why do you stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?


One thought to “3 Reasons to stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort”

  1. The Polynesian is our favorite resort. Within the last 25 years, weve probably stayed there 18 or 19. Its the best.

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