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disney world pin codes

Disney World PIN Codes

We all know about Disney discounts. Well, if you don’t, you need my services more than anyone else. From time to time, Disney feels the need to discount some rooms, but may not have enough rooms to do a full blown discounts with TV and print advertising. Plus, big, general public discounts do have their downsides for Disney. The problem with general discounts like Disney Free Dining or a 30% off your room discount is that anyone can book them, even those that were previously paying full rate, and were happy paying full rate. Disney does limit the number of rooms available at each resort, so it limits the number of discounts that are available. However, that often makes guests angry when they are advertising a discount on national TV but nothing is available. So, rather do do a full blown discount, Disney World uses PIN codes.

A PIN code discount targets individual guests rather than everyone. In order to use a PIN code discount, you actually have to have a PIN code assigned to you. You cannot use a friend of family members PIN code. These PIN codes usually come by postcard or email directly to you. They are not sent to your travel agent, and travel agents like Mouseketrips cannot assign you a PIN code. In fact, you can’t even call Disney and get one assigned, remember, they are targeting you, not the other way around.

The Walt Disney PIN codes are 15 digit codes, and are required in order to even check prices for your dates with the discount. Typically you must also provide other information to Disney just to prove that you are the intended recipient.

If you hear about a PIN code online or from a friend, but don’t get one, don’t worry. Disney will mail out offers to their “top” list, and then to additional people as needed, until they fill up their needed rooms. One other hint, sometimes Disney means to send you a PIN code, but it just doesn’t make it for some reason, either going to an old mailing address, an old email address or possibly your spam folder. If you have heard about a new PIN code, feel free to call Disney and ask if they have one for you. They will look up your name/address and check. Never hurts to ask.

Typically PIN codes are discounts that are similar to other discounts released by Disney World, but are usually for additional dates or possibly dates that are not otherwise discounted.

The problem is that there really isn’t any way to know how to get on Disney’s list. I have been to Disney several times a year for 15+ years. I own Disney Vacation Club, I have a Walt Disney World annual pass, and I NEVER get a PIN code. Apparently, Disney thinks they have me hooked (and they do). I have had clients who have been to Disney once, 5 years ago, and never thought about going again that get several PIN codes a year. Once you are on the list, I don’t think you are ever taken off.

Here are a few hints to get yourself on the Disney World PIN Codes list:

  1. Make sure you have a DisneyWorld account. Most people do, but go check.
  2. Update your profile on your Disney account and make sure your address, email address and everything else is up to date. Check every tab and link to make sure you have input as much information as possible.
  3. Go book a vacation on the Walt Disney World website. Price out a few options, several dates, resorts, etc. If you can hold one of those reservations for a few days, go ahead and do that.
  4. Try this same process again a week or two later. Make sure you are logged into your account the entire time while checking on prices.
  5. If you are unable to hold a reservation, go through the entire process until you get to the payment screen and leave or start over.
  6. Watch the online videos for Walt Disney World or order a free Disney DVD. Again, make sure you are logged in the entire time. There is a link at the bottom of every Disney World page that says “Free Vacation Planning Videos”
  7. Stop by and check dining reservation availability for several dates and restaurants. Again, make sure you are logged in.

Repeat this process every few months until you receive a PIN code. Hopefully these actions will put you on Disney’s radar and get you on the list. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to know if you are on the list, unless you start getting PIN codes.

Well, there you go. One note, from time to time Disney World sends out emails and postcards that look just like PIN code offers, except, they are just FULL RATE offers. Don’t be fooled into book something at full rate just because you get an email. Contact us at Mouseketrips, we would be happy to tell you if your email is actually a discount. We can also help you get the PIN code discount booked or you, check on prices or anything else.


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